A: Supply Drop is monthly subscription club for Fidgets and Spinners. You'll get a sweet box packed with of choice fidgets and spinners once a month. Every box is unique so new surprises and excitement ride high.
A: Yes ! The way gifting works is that you only have to enter in your recipient’s email address. We take care of the rest !
A: Each box is filled with unique spinners and fidgets picked my Mr. Fidget himself then tested by the Spin Mister. Follow our blog  or @getsupplydrop on twitter for clues to the contents of our next package.
A: Easy, Click our ASK FOR IT button and ask your parents.
A: Yes. You can start your subscription anytime of the day anywhere in the continental United States.
A: If you subscribe on or before the 10th of the month, you'll receive your first box around the first of the upcoming month. If you subscribe after the 10th, you'll receive your first box around the first of the following month. Subsequent boxes will arrive around the first of every month.
A: Your monthly subscription is automatically renewed.
Gift Subscriptions are not renewed.
A: Your credit card is charged for the first box when you sign up; and afterwards, is rebilled on the first of the month based on your subscription length.
A: Everyone fidgets..fidget spinners can provide a sense of comfort and peace in stressful situations or can also provide a way to concentrate.  
A: This is not asked much but still is good info to know. Email us at hello@getsupplydrop.com before the 1st of the month to cancel your subscription.
A: We currently deliver to the continental states of America. Look shortly as we will be going international.
A: Mr. Fidget himself. He is constantly searching for new and unqiue fidgets and spinners !!!
A: We do not offer refunds, but if you have questions about or issues with your Box (for example, you need to exchange your size), we want to talk to you. Shoot a message anytime at hello@getsupplydrop.com. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.
A: We have a better solution…….Click here to ASK for a Supply Drop from anyone!

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