Awesome Fidget Spinners, monthly.

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The Supply Drop Experience

Fidget Spinners to keep you rockin' through the daily grind.
One Box, Once a Month. Delivered.


Receieve new and fresh spinners every month.


Always fidgeting? Concentrate during a dull meeting or class and look fly at the same time.


Collect and trade to spin more and fidget less.

What's in the Box?

Find out what was in our last box and how we are supporting awesome charities along the way. We include backpack essentials to keep you on track and rocking the day.

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Save Time Save Money Be Focused

Supply Drop is a monthly box of awesome designed to complement the fast paced college student's life. Get or Send the care packages students need and love.

Fidget Essentials Box

As low as $20/month

  • Main Stream Fidgets
  • Collect & Trade
  • Fresh new looks every month
  • Huge Savings compared to the retail
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Fancy Pants Fidget Box

Be the Envy of your Friends

  • Premium fidget spinners
  • 1-2 Epic or Lendedary spinners + bonus spinners
  • Access to limited edition fidget spinners
  • Huge Savings compared to the retail
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Check out the charities we support

We donate a portion of our profits to amazing charities every month to support wounded veterans, children and finding a cure for breast cancer.

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